Calm After The Storm | 1st Gala And The Rain

Hello, Dear Hivers!

Yesterday night was supposed to be the first gala of the singing competition I’m in, but the rain didn’t think so…


In the morning I went to a friend’s house, where I had my hair and nails done for later, and had a good time with people I love.


Then, in the afternoon, my friend Hector came to my house to do my makeup. A few minutes later, my neighbor arrived with my fake lashes, some more make-up and the thing that curls the hair, he he. Later, my friends Maria and Yara (whom Hector had promised to do their make up too and who are also participating in the competition) arrived and it became a whole disaster, but a good one, haha. I really loved that afternoon.


Then we finally left. Thankfully I live near the place where we rehearse and where the gala was going to be. Even though we should have been there at 3pm, we arrived at 5pm, but nothing had started yet.


I said hello to my friends, we chat a little while, and then we rehearsed the opening. Later on, we made the sound test and got to see the stage and everything. It was so beautiful! And the sound was fantastic!! I was super excited, happy and nervous. They told us that the ones that already made the sound test could go inside, I didn’t want to but although it sounded like an option, it was an order, haha, so I went inside.
Minutes later, my other friends came in and told us it was raining… actually pouring, hehe. It was like that for like an hour, or more.


Since it never stopped raining, they arranged an introduction to the press and the judges inside by singing a little fragment of any song a capela. So we did, and I think I did it good!

Even though the evening didn’t go as planned, I really loved it! It was a very very tiresome day haha, but a very very very happy one!

Thanks for stopping by!

Stay true to yourself, always with a smile on your face

Love, June

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