A Surprise For Our Favorite Music Teacher

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Last Tuesday was our singing teacher's birthday, and since we had class the next day we wanted to surprise him with something very special.


We created a WhatsApp group where we planned everything: who was going to take the ballons, the curtains, the snacks... I offered to make a banner, and they accepted, so I started working hard on it. I also bought a Cheese Tris and a Chocolate, the last one just for the teacher 🙂.


For the banner I used the colors that said they were going to used to decorate the hall: Golden and Black. A good combination, but in my opinion, it was missing something, like a love touch. So, at the bottom of the sheet I drew a keyboard (the instrument our teacher plays the most) with 15 tiles, in which each participant/student would sign and put their names in different colors. That way I made something special, out of something simple.


Thankfully, the teacher LOVED it! He was so surprised, and so flattered, even though at the moment he clarified that anyway we were going to have a class haha. We took many pictures, laughed as much as we ate snacks, danced, joked, etc. Some students arrived late, and one of them brought alcohol, It was so crazy, but still fun hahaha.


It was a great afternoon, and I'm glad that the teacher enjoyed our surprise, he really deserved it ❤️


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