A Sleepover With My Cousin

Hello, Dear Hivers!

A few weeks ago I finally saw one of my favorite cousins after so long!


Her name is Valeshka, she is younger than me and she lives in Puerto la Cruz with her parents. She frequently came to visit her grandparents in Cumaná with her parents, but thanks to the pandemic, travel was prohibited and well ... We spent a long time without seeing each other :(

When trips were allowed, she and her parents came, but only for a few days, so we did not have time to carry out our ritual of having a sleepover at Aunt Malvina's house, or at least seeing each other from afar .

Thank God, this time Valeshka asked to stay with her aunt (who also lives here). She texted me to see if there was a chance to meet, but it was a bit complicated for me since the rehearsals of both the choir and the contest prevented me from being with her more than one afternoon, but after so much chatting and planning "well", we were able to make our longed for sleepover, yeah!


It was one of the most fun sleepovers we've ever had, and our Aunt Malvina was as happy as we were! We chatted for a long time, and then we went out to the plaza and did a photo session with Aunt Jiji. After that, our Aunt decided to rest for a while, that's when the madness started!


We talk about actors, actresses, movies, books, we even got to fight on to each other hahaha, but with love. We debated for a while whether to watch "What If ..?" Or "Little Women." Next thing we knew, it was snack time and we still hadn't seen anything.


After a delicious snack that left us both with round bellies, we decided to follow a TikTok drawing tutorial. It was a lot of fun, although Valeshka did not allow me to take a picture of her drawing, but here is my attempt:


After that, we played 2 board games: Boggle and Words Up. The second was quite an experience, since neither of us had played it before.

After I beat Val, we finally went to watch what If ...?" It was the chapter of the zombies, which is why we slept with the light on HAHAHAHA.

The next morning aunt went out to do some shopping, so we watched "Little Women" while we had breakfast, but when the movie was about to finish aunt came back, which meant it was time to go :(

We had a great time, it really was great to see my cousin after so long. I hope this will be repeated soon ❤️

Love, June

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