A Portrait To Remember A Friend's Father

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Back on April, the very same day before my birthday, a friend's father died of Covid-19... It was very hard for him, and since he's a very good friend of mine, I wanted to make him something special...


2 months (I think) later, he made a post on Facebook, talking about a very cute anecdote he lived with his father, and he annexed a picture I really liked, I could feel the love they had for each other just by seeing the picture, so I decided to draw it 😊


First I made the sketch with pencil, and since I know my friend very well, it was very easy to draw him. However, I didn't get the chance to know his father, so it was challenging and scary. I had to ask a friend that got to know Mr. Marín if it looked like him, haha. After the first sketch, I was brave enough to use the black color (final touch) with my friends, but not with his father, so I let it rest for some days, and last night I finally finished it 🙂.


I was very very active last night, so I had the Idea of making it a worthy background. So I took my brush, the blue color as a symbol for the sky and began. After that I made other crazy stuff with male colors haha, and drew a soccer ball, because my friends lives soccer (idk his dad), and a guitar because both of them like music and I remember once he told me that his father used to play the guitar. I was so afraid I could mess it up, hahaha, but thankfully I didn't.

It was a very lovely experience and even though it's not such a loyal copie of their faces (I still have a lot to learn) my friend found it perfect, and that's what matters to me. I hope you guys like it! ❤


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