Torum Presale Staking Incentive

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Dear Torum Presale Investors,

Today I'd like to share with you some info concerning a staking incentive for those investors who took part in Torum Presale.

A part of the perks for participating in Torum Presale back in March 2021, Torum has prepared an exclusive incentive for all the early supporters of the ecosystem.

Presale Staking Incentive
Torum will be providing each and every Presale participant with a staking bonus of their XTM purchase amount, ranging from 2% to 18% corresponding to the staking duration of the tokens in the Presale Staking pool at the Wallet section.
The condition to receive the incentive: HODL
Since the incentive is compiled on a monthly basis, a 2% staking bonus is added for HODLing XTM in each consecutive month starting from 15th September 2021, (known as TGE or Month 0), until a maximum of 18% bonus is accumulated by the end of a 9-month period, which is after 15th May 2022.
Presale participants are free to transfer their XTM from the staking pool to their respective Torum wallets subjected to the vesting rule of Presale (refer to Pg. 21) and make withdrawals upon paying a fixed amount of gas fee. However, the compiled staking bonus will reset to 2% in the subsequent month whenever the transfer action is being initiated.
Note: Withdrawal of XTM from Torum Wallet will be available approximately 2 weeks after listing on Uniswap.
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Incentive Calculation

Table 1 — Presale XTM Unlock Schedule for Presale Participants in 9 months
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Table 2 — XTM Staking Bonus Schedule for Presale Participants in 9 months

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Introduction to Torum
Torum is the world’s first DeFi + NFT + social media platform that is specially designed for cryptocurrency users.
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