Ash Reshteh Recipe | A local and traditional food

"Ash Reshteh" is one of the most authentic Iranian dishes whose cooking history goes back many years. "Ash Reshteh" is the most famous and popular ash in this country.
(Ash is a watery food like soup)
This delicious Ash is made with a variety of beans (peas,Navy beans, lentils, red beans), vegetables (spinach, leeks, parsley, coriander), garlic, "Reshteh", onions, oil, salt
And Kashk, hot mint, garlic and fried onions are common garnishes.
"Ash Reshteh" is a complete and nutritious food that anyone can enjoy at any age and with any health condition.
"reshteh" is like thin noodles . It tastes salty
"kashk" is a dairy product, made from cooked or dried yogurt
If you do not have access to "kashk", use yogurt (like me)





Red beans: one measure
Navy bean: one measure or pinto beans: one measure
Peas: One measure
Lentils: one measure
reshteh: 400 g
Onion: 2 pieces
Garlic: A few cloves
Dried mint: two tablespoons
kashk or yogurt: 450 g
Vegetables (leeks, parsley, coriander, dill, spinach): two servings
Salt: If needed (because the noodles are usually salty and do not need salt)
Water: 4-5 glasses (half a pot)
Oil for frying garlic and onion: as needed

Ingredients for preparing meatballs

Minced meat: 25 grams
Salt: As needed
Dried mint: 1 tbsp
(pouring meatballs into the soup makes the food tastier, but it is not necessary)

#how to prepare:

Put the beans in water from the day before (or at least 12 hours before) and change the water two to three times and discard.
Then cook them separately with water
I had already prepared and frozen them

Put a pot full of water to boil well, then add the beans, peas and cooked lentils.

Wash and chop the vegetables in large size
Then add them to the midwife and allow them to cook well and change color

Now it's the turn of the reshtehs. Cut the reshtehs in half and pour into the pot. Note that from this point on, you should stay on top of the pot and stir the ash gently without crushing the reshtehs.

Final stage:
you have to dilute a few spoons of kashk with water and then add it to the midwife to cook some in ash (not more than 15 minutes).
You can use kashk only for decoration or not at all like me who used only yogurt for decoration
But the original of this ash is the use of kashk
Then turn off the heat under the ash and wait for the ash to set.
Your ash is ready, pour it in the desired dish and use onion and fried garlic, fried mint, meatballs and curd or yogurt to decorate.

To prepare meatballs:
Knead the minced meat with salt and mint powder and prepare the meatballs.
Then cook them in some water














To decorate the ash, fry the onion and garlic separately. I just used onions
Be careful if you use garlic, do not fry the garlic too much so that it does not take on a bitter taste.














  • To prepare hot mint (fried mint), first heat the oil on heat; Then turn off the pan and let the oil lose some of its heat, then add the dried mint.

  • For cooking ash, choose a large pot so that the ingredients are easily mixed and the reshtehs are not squeezed.

  • Make ash thinner than you want; Because after an hour, the reshtehs become thicker and more concentrated.

  • Add less salt to the ash than you want so that after adding "kashk " the ash does not become salty.
    I did not like curd and used yogurt.If you have "kashk" before using it, you should dilute it with water

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