How I enjoy working in a remote farm!

One of my greatest experiences, since I came to New Zealand, is working on a farm in a remote area. I could not imagine how life would be in a faraway place like this and never knew how much it would change me. There were so many lessons to learn and things to enjoy from living and working on this farm. The breathtaking views are one thing, but what was even more amazing was how friendly people were towards me. This opportunity had also given me more time for self-reflection and appreciation of life.


Working at a remote farm is a very unique experience. Unlike most jobs, there are no restraints on what you can do and the days are never the same. I was lucky to work with a team of people who I know well and we had had a fun time working and helping each other.


After spending a 6 weeks just working and enjoying a simple life in the countryside, I found myself happier than ever before. My body might get tired of work but laughter was never less.
When the weather was nice, I enjoyed walking up the hill at the other side of the road and looking down to the whole farm, counting the work we had done, watching the sky and the hills from distance. The animals are my best friends here. I love watching them frolic around in their pen. It was so simple and so fulfilling. It made me realize how much I take for granted after spending weeks making my own meals, working hard, and exploring the beautiful countryside every day.



However, living in the countryside is not always as idyllic as one might imagine. The isolation can be uncomfortable, public transport is limited and the internet is unreliable. But despite these difficulties, I had adapted to my new surroundings, I felt at peace with myself and what I have accomplished.


Thank you so much for reading!

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