We met such an insect. This is a praying mantis.

Hello! We met such an insect. This is a praying mantis. He looks like a cockroach. By the way, if you jump in your bosom, it might bite)
And the praying mantis is similar to a grasshopper, only large.
The praying mantis is a large, predatory insect. He hunts well.
Insects are about 4 centimeters in size.
Praying mantises come in different types, shapes, and colors. You may not notice it in the green grass, if the praying mantis is green, or you may not notice it on the tree, sometimes the species of the praying mantis looks like a branch of a tree.
Basically, these insects do not pose a threat to us, except as they can bite painfully. But they are not poisonous.
There may still be not only a painful bite, but when the praying mantis jumps, it can grab the skin with its front legs, and the mantis has sharp thorns on its front legs.
Do not disturb simply an insect. After all, an insect is part of nature.

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