Daily Inspired #10


The Topic

Productivity is always an interesting topic to talk about. Just read about an article summarizing some interesting weekend to-do list by the successful figures like Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos to make their weekdays more productive.

The Learning Points

Rest enough

To be honest, staying up is like a game to "prove" to myself that I am being strong. However, it is not the case. Staying up late is a once in a while thing when we have no choice but to rush to finish up tasks that are due. Resting enough is one of the most important part of all to be able to sustain through and continue the marathon.

Imagine we are in a shift of between sprinting and slow run, there may be times that we may need to sprint which mean we are burning the midnight oil and do whatever we need to do. As there is a burnout rate that we are paying, we need to pay it back with some days of extra rest that we can get. That is why having a steady and ample rest as constant as possible is important to keep the contingency fuel-ready when we are in need to sprint.

Connect with loved ones

We are always occupied with our works and in a long run, we may be worn off due to the constant stress and pressure. That is where we need some connection where we can allocate ourselves in, a comfortable space that we can be in with our loved ones. Connecting with our loved ones maybe just a simple day out or small talks during meals or before bed. There are just so many ways to stay connected.

Humans are still a social animal, connecting with each other is essential. Thus, I also need to remind myself that having some time to be with our loved ones is not a wastage. Moreover, we will get some unexpected reward just by connecting whereby it will brighten our days.

Make strategies & plans for the next week

Taking on the unknown "next week" without any proper strategies or plans can be too random and we may end up with doing things without good productivity. Hence, it is wise for us to revise our works for the week and put up a plan for the next week so that it is easier for us to manoeuvre around.

Chores - a way to recharge

Personally, I think this works. By doing some simple chores like mopping the floor, washing clothes and drying clothes, tidy up my bed, cleaning my desk and so on, I will feel better and accomplished. On the other hand, it is also an action that shows we are committed to making our daily life better. We will feel better when we see spaces that we used are de-cluttered and clean.

An alone time

One last thing is alone time which is a period of time that we can spend ourselves. The reason that we need to be with ourselves is that we need to be clear of distraction that enables us to think clearly. The best example is to have a meditation that may stretch from a few minutes to even hours. By doing so, we can have a clear mind to face the challenges of the day. Plus, it is important to move the information that we had in mind for the day into the "second brain".


It is about these small habits that can really make our life to become more productive and not making a big change. Thus, it is important that we always remind ourselves of getting our habits and not productivity. When we embedded ourselves with all these small, insignificant micro habits, our lives would be with better quality and we can be more productive.


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