Hello everyone, how are you? It's been over a week since I've been busy with my work, so I don't have time for Hive. Now my work is a bit less stressful, I have time to relax, watch the sunset, listen to the breath of life. All fatigue at work seems to calm down, disappear. Sunset is truly a wonderful moment of nature. I want to share this beauty with all of you in this community.
Sunset, for me it's the most beautiful time of the day. After a long day of hard work and study, sunset is the time when people can let go of all their worries and fatigue. Sipping a cup of hot tea and watching the sunset, the heart will suddenly felt more light, deep, and serene.


It is the transition period between day and night, light and darkness. The remaining faint rays of sunlight, blending with the clouds floating in the sky, make the whole horizon bring a dreamy and beautiful orange-yellow color. The sun is now like a pearl, bright but not dazzling, gentle and sweet.


The beauty of sunset has always been an endless source of inspiration for poetry. There are many songs and poems born from such beautiful sunset afternoons. It is a moment that evokes many emotions in each person's soul, a moment that brings people back to memories and memories. Therefore, the beauty of sunset in poetry is often poetic and sad.



After stressful working hours, I like wandering where I can see the sunset colors most clearly. Bask in the remaining afternoon sunlight. Immerse yourself in the gentle breezes carrying the scent of grasslands walking around in the air. It feels strangely warm and peaceful. That's when I can forget all fatigue and worries, just only comfort in the soul remains and nostalgia for the most beautiful things. Each warm ray of sunshine sunset spreading into the mind will permanently close a long day and prepare for a brighter tomorrow.


If possible, try once to admire the poetic beauty of the sunset to feel its sweet peace. To be still and reflect. To see how beautiful life is. Thank nature for giving us invisible medicines to ease our fatigue and sorrow.


This is my entry for #sunthursday contest as well. Thank you for taking the time to read my sharing. Have a fun weekend 😍

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