Happy Caturday: orange cats are getting lazy and stray cat’s problem.

These days life has become more hectic and often more confusing than last year. I have been trying to catch up with all unfinished tasks and tying loose ends. But new things kept popping up along the way to add more challenge to my life. Trying to be positive, this meant to strengthen my stamina and test my intention to developing my spiritual aspect. I was so glad that my orange cats never had to be in my shoes and that they were there to give me spiritual support. These cats’ lives seemed to very simple with few fundamental problems.



We have been trying to control the amount of their daily food intake. I would prefer to see them more agile and lighter so they could splinter up trees and high cupboards to avoid intruders’ attack. The black and white cat has been dropping during the day and late evening to mop up all the food in two bowls. He was surely very smart and persistent as we always chased him away but he would be laying low in the bushes at the back of the garden. He would waited until orange cats went for a nap after their breakfast. By midday, orange cats came back to eat some food only to find empty bowls.



Then my gardener would complain of my cats complaining for more food in the afternoon. They couldn’t wait till their dinner time. One day my gardener came back from the vegetable garden only to find this stray black and white cat sitting on the sink counter guarding the two food bowls on the floor. The orange cats were kept away at a distance; they were on the lawn just to be on the safe side. My gardener couldn’t believe how daring this cat has become. He declared the kitchen his territory and the food bowls his property. My gardener had to scold the stray cat and chase him away.



I have no idea how this strange development among three cats would become. But I wouldn’t let him chase away my cats as he earlier did to the grandma cat (of my orange cats) that had migrated to my neighbours’ house. I told my gardener to be firm and chase the stray cat away as he would soon take over the whole house. As he made quite a mess at my neighbours’ house, causing damages to the furniture, they had stopped feeding him. That’s why he came to our house for food. If he could fight with stray dogs and chase them away, I would hire him as a security guard!



Meanwhile my gardener told me that orange cats seemed to be very lazy these days. They have stopped going out for walks in banana gloves and nearby fields. This meant they weren’t not having daily exercises. I wondered if they thought they had better to be near their food bowls. I would have to do some experiment about this issue. Perhaps we shouldn’t leave extra food in these bowls and I would have to place their food bowls in other location. This stray cat was very stubborn and persistent.



Perhaps I will have to try communicating with this stray cat telepathically, perhaps we could come to an arrangement. He really ought to learn to respect the owners of the house and tried to be more diplomatic with good manners. He looked much bigger and stronger than our cats. I had to break up a quarrel between Joan and this cat around midnight once. He’s a real fighter with hardened experience of living in the fields and village ground. But he’s getting older that’s probably why he wanted to find a more permanent and secured abode. He could live around the hut at the back of the garden and we could leave some food for him there.



Apart from cats’ issue, we have to prepare the house for the coming rainy season. The crash in crypto market didn’t help with my budget for a few repair projects. The draining pipes, the rain water tanks and the water pump all needed to be reviewed and maintained before the impending rain storms next season. On top of this, a few friends and their families who got the poisonous jabs needed support and detox information. There were more bad news on the horizon if one tried to observe the macro situation, but I had to face creeping issues on a daily and short term basis at the moment.




Besides, the electromagnetic pulses or frequencies around the earth has been unusually strong and in a state of frenzy lately. Life has been very challenging this month but the vibes of my orange cats did help calming and earthing the disruptive vibes. Now I realised that’s probably why they were sent to me, Mother Earth knew what would come to pass in the future. Things that happened out of the blue could have some hidden meaning and purposes which we couldn’t see until years later.



Wishing you peace, good health and prosperity.

Stay strong and cheerful.

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