Quak-quak! Pompon Duck and his friends 🦆🦢

Do you like animals? What about ducks, geese, swans? Here are some beauties, one of them has a big pompon on head!
I looked up this weirdness on Google and read that it is actually a serious developmental disorder caused by a genetic defect. Under the feather pompon, the skull is severely deformed, perforated. Bone loss is compensated by hernia, that's why these ducks often have nervous system problems.


Pompon duck's skull is really bizarre:
(Photo credit: http://debra24.hu/lyukas-feju-kacsa-elado/)


Silent duck fluttering water


Black swan is native to Australia and is smaller than a white swan. In Europe, it is considered an ornamental bird in the lakes and ponds of castle gardens and parks. Unlike the white swan (silent swan), it has a voice but is not aggressive, rather just curious. Its beautiful scarlet beak and ruffled dark brown plumage make it truly special and elegant.


Knobby goose - It is the offspring of the wild swan goose (Anser cygnoides) living in Central and East Asia, which has been kept as a pet or ornamental bird in Japan and China for centuries. Due to its excellent adaptability, it is very common.
Its voice is like that of a bad trumpet player.


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