Nature is the best artist - examples of analogy from my archives

Looking at my photo archive, I thought about what it would be like to make thematic exhibitions out of them. It’s true, I’ve made these before, but that wasn’t so much conscious on my part.
My current theme is nature as the best artist. If we observe a natural phenomenon, living being, or inanimate thing, we can easily associate it with some artistic trend, genre.
At the beginning of human cultures, we copied everything from nature because we lived in nature. It was a completely natural, self-evident process. We have been taught by animals, plants, trees, weather, etc. many things to live a better life. Because living things are colorful, diverse, and functional, we learned from them how to match function to colors and shapes. How could it have been different?
Art is not just an aesthetic, but a system of symbols, a means of communication that can be functional, but can only be for the pleasure of creation itself.
I have given some examples, without claiming completeness, from my own photos. I could list them almost indefinitely, but it wouldn’t fit into one post.

By nature I mean the elemental forces, living beings and the matter of the earth (rocks, sand, soil, water, etc.)

Nature as abstract sculptor

These rocks are made of soft and hard rock and have been shaped by the weather over many thousands of years. (Nemti, Nógrád county, Hungary)

The sandstone was shaped by water (Nemti, Nógrád county, Hungary)

Nature as abstract painter



Turkeytail mushroom colored by algae

Nature as landscape painter

Tés plateau in summer, Veszprém county

Nature as abstract graphic artist

Dried mud

Rock cracks in limestone


Nature as architect

Morgó-gödör, near Nemti, Nógrád county

Volcanic rock with cracks - Tihany, Veszprém county


Nature as "textile-designer"

A spider-web

Nature as "jewelry-designer"

Green lizard

Blue butterfly

Nature as singer


Nature as a playwright, set designer and theater director

Thunderstorm at the castle of Salgó, Nógrád county

The sun shines at the end of the performance

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