The benefits of tithing


Doing charity is a mighty deed, whether in the eyes of the public or in the sight of god. In Islam doing alms is highly recommended, doing alms is something that the prophet saw does a great favor, giving alms is a big influence in people's lives because it helps the less fortunate or the needy.

In today's world people are so selfish, even some who in this day and age do not care about those beneath them. Just as the rich do not care for the poor, the strong oppress the weak, the handsome mock the ugly even they are capable of mocking the disabled and think of themselves as the most perfect in the world

They didn't realize that everything they owned, rich, handsome, and the only thing that belonged to the throne was a woman's trust from almighty god. They ought to be grateful for what god has given them, not vice versa. What thanks?

So the point of thanks here is to do all the commandments of god and leave all the commandments, god gives us a leg, so we use the feet to the real places, we use our feet to the places of rizha god is not the other way around, we use our hands to eat

Doing alms not only gives in money, but doing alms can also do by force, just as we help a person who is sick, we remove something on the road to avoid an accident. It's all in charity.

Because, if doing charity is said to be in cash only, what about those poor people who don't have money, can they not do the most noble thing in giving alms? Then how unfortunate they were, when they were so eager to do just that.
Why is it advisable in Islam to do alms, why do the excess tithing, what is the speciality of giving alms, and what does tithing do?

So let it be known, that everything encouraged in religion will not make us useless, but it will make us better and more useful, as well as something promoted in that religion has its own merits, and the most awesome has no side effects, not like strong medicine, which has one advantage, but its side effects are two, even if it were consumed daily, It's a different matter of giving alms

When we do alms often it will be easier for our lives in this world even in the next, and we will be exalted in the presence of men and god almighty, even god will give all his gifts to the person doing alms.

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