React Has Become My Favorite Framework


The downside of being an inexperienced frontend developer is the doubt about which framework you will focus on working on. This question stayed with me for a long time when I started to study and work as a frontend developer.

In the beginning, I wanted to "embrace the world", that is, get all the frameworks to work with and study at once. I studied Angular, VueJS and React. All together! Imagine the confusion that made the start of my career!

But, thankfully, information on the Web is not lacking and through some videos I watched on YouTube from experienced and influential developers, I saw that you should focus on only one framework and specialize in it.

The choice was difficult and easy at the same time. Angular, I don't like it very much, as I think the style libraries are too limited. We have few style libraries for web development with Angular.

React (which I work today) is much better. It has several libraries and because it is created by Facebook, the style libraries are unlimited, there are many creation tools.

I like VueJS too, but as it's a relatively "new" framework, there's still a lot to be developed.

In this dilemma, I chose to delve into React. Today, all my applications, tests and projects are developed using React for Web development and React Native for mobile.

I am increasingly evolving and excited about all the learning acquired so far.

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