The run in HIVE isn't over, it's just the beginning

I think we are in the very early stages of a massive bull market for HIVE

Some people seem to think that after HIVE dropped by 50% the fun is now done, I don't.

Yes, it was a bummer that HIVE was not able to hold more of its gains, at least initially.

But it also depends on how you see things...

I mean we were $.10 on HIVE just a week or so ago, and now trading at $.45 that represents more than a 4x gain in a very short amount of time.

Most people would be pretty happy about that.

It just might not seem that great since we were trading up near a dollar several hours back.


Either way, I don't think the fun is over by a long shot...

I think this is the beginning stages of a very big rally for HIVE.

The new exchange listings are a big part of that and likely the first part of it.

As more exchanges come on board, other exchanges will feel the need to list HIVE as well, this in turn will help the price go up which will get more people and more exchanges talking about HIVE.

A sort of positive momentum cycle that is likely to continue for some time.

Plus as the price continues to do well, more and more people will hear about HIVE and flock to the platform.

They will become traders, bloggers, and eventually users of the platform and apps that HIVE has to offer.

They will tell their friends and family members, some of which will also venture over.

This will also continue to help push HIVE prices up as more and more people want to participate and there is only a limited supply available for purchase on the exchanges.

Bittrex recently announced a USD/HIVE pair which will be an absolute game changer in this regard.

Never before has a blogging platform like STEEM/HIVE had a USD gateway, not directly anyways.

That was part of the problem that STEEM had trouble keeping people that might have wanted to purchase some STEEM when they first heard about it...

It was way too complicated to get STEEM.

I tried explaining to a few family members how they could invest in it a while back and as I started talking about setting up a Coinbase account, linking their bank account, transferring money in, buying bitcoin, setting up a bittrex account, transferring said bitcoin over to bittrex, buying steem with that bitcoin, transferring that over to their steem wallet, and then powering it up...

Yea, as you can imagine their eyes glazed over pretty quickly and they were lost for good.

We won't have that same problem with HIVE now that it has a USD pair.

And again, this might not be something that pays dividends immediately, but down the road as HIVE matures and people start coming to the platform and wanting to use the apps, that USD gateway will turn out to be a huge get for HIVE.

Bitcoin is going to help us out as well...

This was just the first inning of a 9 inning game.

We had a stellar first inning and we are only going to build off of that going forward.

When you combine the positive momentum we are seeing in HIVE with what I think is going to happen with Bitcoin in the coming months, we have the perfect storm.

Bitcoin is likely on the cusp of another super cycle as it relates to its halving.

It's 2 for 2 thus far in terms of going on massive parabolic bull runs and nothing so far leads me to believe it won't happen again.

When it happened the last time it pulled altcoins along for the ride for the most part.

I highly expect that to happen again...

Bitcoin will pull new money and new eyes into the space and HIVE will be building away, getting new exchange listings, launching new apps, all the while boasting as one of the most decentralized projects in crypto, oh and by the way you can earn some money by blogging...

Add all that together and it has all the right stuff to see substantially higher prices in a full on bitcoin lead raging bull market.

I think this is just the beginning folks.

Stay informed my friends.

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