The Pressure That Comes With Expectancy; The Problems With Being A Superhuman (3Speak)

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The unfair circumstances that comes with inhuman expectations is why people comes under the scrutiny. Pressure is what we shouldn't naturally succumb to, but then sometimes people wants us to be 100% giving in our Whole energy to their cause without taking time to understand that there's no way a normal human being can show or eschew wellness, goodness, energy and enthusiasm all their lives.

Inasmuch as we sometimes see ourselves slot into the positions of being superhumans just to create opportunities for people to benefit from us we need to understand that we ourselves are humans, we have flaws and it's not possible for us to showcase perfection at all periods of our lives.

In all honesty, we need to allows ourselves open up to challenges rather than avoiding it, we have to fall to appreciate the doggedness it takes to stand firm on our feet and that's why we must not allow pressure makes us feel we must be superhuman to accommodate the needs of others.

In this video I talked about allowing one to see through their flaws and grow to be better.

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