A Two-Way Valuation; Who Are We Truly? (3speak version)

In life, we often create a two-way Valuation of ourselves and what other people think. These valuation is the perspective of us. The reality we create of ourselves often tallies with what people think of us and then we reach a certain equilibrium.

Truth is, we're not completely what we think we are and we're not totally what people think we are. What we really are sometimes consists of that aspect of us that we really don't see.

Irrespective of life's hardship, we need to ignore what we often think is right about life. We need to attain a certain kind of height of spiritual mindfulness.

A stage where our mind truly opens up to see how different we should be, our response to life, what we deem as positives and what we deem as negatives. How we need to find peace in the middle of turbulence and how we need to achieve contentment in the midst of greed and crookery.

In this video I talk about the importance of going on a personal journey to understand what we are, who we are and what truly composes of us that we're still unaware of.

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