Seeing The "Act Of Communication" As A Basis Through Which Every Human Foundation Is Erected


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Many do not understand the need for a mastery in the art of communication and this is simply because we humans feel that communication is an unmistakable feature that distinguishes them a higher specie and of course other species, which i totally agree on. You see communication is so sophisticated that even when you're not verbally communication, you might still be communicating. Language of course is man's most characterized form of communication but it's through the need to actually communicate that brought about a type of manner through which various people can place meaning to some particular sound and interpret them to their own understanding. Of course since communication is a way of sharing meaning, language is that unique way through which diverse people can use to communicate.

Without a doubt communication to me is the beginning of innovations, relationships, friendship and of course it helps establishes ones desires, goals and aspirations to themselves and also to others. Truth is; stating things like new year resolution, new ideologies, having or setting principles and rules that guides a person only comes when there's a form of agreement between the self the inner self and of course the whole entity that makes up a person to abide or obey, it means that the conscience has now communicated some changes to the mind as a result of various experiences or happenings. People don't know that there's an intrapersonal kind of communication except when they're conflicted between doing one thing while forgoing the other. But in most cases where the heart decides something and the institution or the mind contradicts the heart, it means that communication within the self hasn't been smooth and as a result of this the self can go ahead to make a lot of mistakes.

So for something to actually take place, there has to be an agreement, biologically the systems of the body is wired to communicate in other to function quite well and that's why in some certain illnesses like partial stroke the body no longer knows when the urge to pass urine is there. This is because an illness has stopped the smooth communication process of the body system making it unable to communicate it's needs and as a result of this cognitive functions are actually halted. For almost everything in life, communication is a pillar through which any form of existence is built on in the age which we now find ourselves, there's been a sophistication to the forms of communication and one of the major problems of communication is not sharing meaning, when the intentions is to actually share meaning.

In so many cases, people don't see why communication should be paid attention to even when they themselves are ignorant of how they utility by they themselves might have kept them in the places they are. Most successful companies spends more money on public relations because they understand that a sophisticated way to appeal to a particular kind of audience is the origin of success for their business. For example a person might not intend to take a particular course of action right from the onset but the act of persuasive communication might totally change their mind; that is, there's a way we can communicate to people they totally change their opinion and embrace new opinion despite the fact that they've in the first place agreed within themselves to abide by their original ideologies.

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