My Photography Tour For The Week & Experimenting With New Edits

It's been raining non-stop for the past one month and obviously I've not been able to put together any creative shots put well I've managed to have a day or two of sunlight and viola! Here are some of the stunning shot I took and I'm going to take you through the editing process. First of all, I took about 2 hours editing this pictures all together and I must tell you, it wasn't easy. and I'll tell you the process that went with all these photos.

First of all, the orange images didn't originally come with a black background, I had to use selective to choose black colours to edit the background and I had to use a little HDR in Snapseed to actually grade the image. Truth is, the colours weren't originally bright I mean the orange (orange colour region) then I had to use, ambient, highlights and shadow to sharpen the image.

Vignette was excessively used too as I had to up the inner brightness and decrease the inner brightness to produce a darker temperature and well it was brown initially and I kept on repeating the vignette and the reduction of brightness to bring about a darker atmosphere. Believe me, I had to heal a lot of blot too and this was done using Healing in Snapseed.

I didn't really do much on the food photography just increased the brightness and added a little HDR to make it look sparkling. On the vegetables images I had to add more colours to the green and used vignette on the outside and inside colour. All these was done using vignette tool in Snapseed. In the market picture below, I added a little HDR effect and changed the form to natural using Snapseed and well reduced the brightness a bit. I also darkened the colours of the clouds by using selective tool and well cropping it to reduce the redundancies or the imperfections.









This is by far one of my most creative edits so far and obviously I'm loving the effects, I won't lie I got motivated to start using my pictures for my blog posts when I saw @tarazkp doing the same. I want to stop downloading pictures and of course create a separate, More original identity for my contents and hence I ventured into taking pictures to sooth my contents and so far 70% of my contents have been my images. I won't lie @k-banti as well influenced my decision to add a sort of photography to my contents and I'm glad I did. @hiddenblade and @adetorrent are my muse too and looking at these people I've sparked up my creativeness a notch. So far ladies and gentlemen, here you have it my collections for the week.

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