Hiking around the dry Lake Forstsee

I have already posted about this little lake in the middle of a forest on a ridge north of lake Wörthersee, which serves as a water reservoir for a power plant down at the lake Wörthersee. They have dried the lake for maintenance work, so no nice reflection photos are possible, but such wasn't my intention on this morning anyway ...

Hiking around the dry Lake Forstsee

Hiking around the dry Lake Forstsee

I have finished my nightshift on Saturday morning at 7:30 am and instead of going home I rode on my motorbike to the lake Forstsee, because I wanted to see how fit I still am after doing nothing in months.
My backpack weighed about 10 kilos (22 pounds), which is about two thirds or half the weight I usually would carry on longer hikes, but soon I realized that I need to do a lot of training to be fit enough for real hikes in the mountains. Conclusion after 2 hours: I am not fit enough anymore 😅

At the beginning of the path around the lake you have this view across the lake (looks better when it's not dry) with the Karawanks mountain range and the Mittagskogel mountain behind the forest.
Because I have used a telephoto lens, the lake looks much smaller than it actually is, as well as the mountains seem to be very close behind, although they are more than 20 kilometers (12 miles) as the crow flies away. The hike, or better said the walk around the lake takes about 1 3/4 hours.

Lake Forstsee (dry), Karawanks Mountain Range and Mittagskogel Mountain

I don't know why I have taken this photo - maybe because the moss was illuminated nicely from the left by the morning light or maybe just because I have been walking half an hour without taking any photo ... no idea, honestly ;)
I should have cleaned up the area before taking the photo - can you see all the mess, small and large branches laying around?

Lake Forstsee: mossy beech tree

This birch tree stands right beside the path and I wonder why I haven't noticed this kind of heart shaped knothole before when I've been here.

Lake Forstsee: Birch tree with heart-shaped knothole
Lake Forstsee: Birch tree with heart-shaped knothole

Mossy beech trees wherever you look, but there's such a mess around in this forest and I couldn't see anything pictureworthy in this mess.
I took this photo because the tree stump and the beech tree behind looked somehow interesting to me. Woodland photography is certainly not my speciality, as you can see, but it's something I definitely want to practice a lot more in future ... maybe then I might see a motif in the chaos.

Lake Forstsee: mossy tree stump and beech tree

It looks quite dry down there on the ground of the lake and most parts of the bottom are certainly walkable, but I wouldn't want to try it without rubber boots. Maybe next time I'll take a few close-up images of the dry mud - looks cool somehow.

Lake Forstsee: dry mud and small trickles

Last but not least, my favourite photo of that morning: The green boat in the muddy puddle. Somewhere left of the dry mud in the photo above there's a little mini lake. It isn't much larger than you can see in the image and I have no idea whatfor they might use that boat.

I would have preferred the boat to swim in the middle of the puddle, because the bow of the boat of it is already on the bank and I didn't want that dirty mud in the image. The image is quite "different" and it certainly contradicts common photography rules, but I kind of like it :)

Lake Forstsee: green boat in the muddy puddle

Well, that's all for today my friends - I hope that you enjoyed my post a little bit.

I'm working day and night on this cloudy but quite nice Spring Sunday, just as I did on Friday, but because there's not that much to do on weekends in the office where I am today, I managed to make this post ... to not get forgotten 😁


Lake Forstsee on Google Maps

All photos were taken with the Canon EOS R and the Sigma 100-400mm F5-6,3 DG OS HSM C lens.
If you are interested in the image data, I leave all EXIF and IPTC information stored in the pictures.

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