What Happens at 10 (Freewrite Challenge)

Source: Pixabay

Before she left home, her mom told her to go home before 10pm. She agreed but she never has the intention to go home early. Head over to the house of her friend for the party. Around 9:30pm, her mom is calling her but she's not answering the phone.

At 10pm, her mom's calling her again but she turned of her phone. Around 11pm, cops knocked at her friend's house and looked for her. She was shocked upon hearing the news. Fell on the floor crying. She took her phone, and saw numerous phone calls from her mom around 10pm.

Wondering what happens at 10 while partying with her friends. She head over to the hospital, and saw her mom's remains. She cried incessantly until she got exhausted. If only she answered her phone when her mom is calling, she could've saved her by calling the police when a burglar broke into their house.

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