The Stories We Have Been Told (Freewrite Challenge)

Source: Pixabay

Recently, there are issues surrounding the revision of history in our country as many people doesn't totally believe what they are taught in schools and universities. There's a sense of deception of what really happened, and the falsehoods and manipulation from history books.

Yes, I remember teachers reading the history books, about what happened in a certain period. However, I haven't heard any about them experiencing something during that period. At times, it's better to ask those who lived during the era, and regarding their experiences.

It's surprising that some stories of the elderlies is in contrast on what's being taught in schools. The stories we have been told are not really what totally happened. Of course, it's not saying that there's no truth about what's being taught. Some of them has truths, but seemed selective. Accuracy is not something we can expect from what we learn from the history.

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