Story Teller (Freewrite Challenge)

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There's an art in teaching. I remember back when I was in secondary school. I have this teacher who's a good story teller. I may not agree in some of her compulsory projects because she collects money from us students, but I still like her being a good teacher.

There's certain part of our curriculum which we will discuss the story about a book written by the Philippines National Hero, Jose Rizal, which is "Noli Me Tangere". Most of my classmates seemed uninterested in the subject and the book as a discussion. I admit feeling bored initially but when she started to tell the story, from the first part everyone are silent and attentive.

After the class, everyone are excited for the next class. My classmates are hooked in every class, and we decided to read the book ourselves. But it cannot equate our teacher's way of telling the story.

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