Requirements (Freewrite Challenge)

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Because of the continuous increase of Covid19 cases, he decided to get the vaccine in a scheduled day. He prepared the requirements which allows him to receive the vaccine being among the category with comorbidities.

The vaccination is on a first come, first serve basis so he woke up early to get to the site. He went there around 6am, and there are many people already. However, he's likely to get the vaccine being within the total number of the vaccines to be injected that day.

After 3 hours, the people are still waiting to get the numbering. It took around 4 hours for the number card to be distributed. It's a mess, and people are in disorder because the guard did not properly distribute it.

People are complaining against the guard for giving a number to an individual he's related with ahead of those who came early. It was stopped for a while, then distribution continued, and he got number 200. The total allocated vaccine for the day is 200.

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