My High School Days: Graduation is Bittersweet

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Reminiscing about the high school days reminds you of sweet and bitter memories. Still, the sweetness overcomes the bitterness. When you graduated, it is bittersweet. You are happy because you finally finished secondary school, but lonely because it means you are going your separate ways from your friends.

The Fun During High School

Being in secondary school, there are ups and downs. But leaving the education level, you will remember more of the great memories you had. Remember when you had your crush, and being noticed is enough. When she's coming, your heart is beating so fast, and cannot speak when she's talking to you.

Back then, me and my classmates (or friends) has guitar, though I didn't know how to play it, we sing together. We don't think of problems. It's just fun, and carefree. We go to town to look for some things to buy, and oftentimes, window shopping. Our friends also invite us in their house, and we're going to watch movies.

I remember when they also came over the house, and gave a visit. My close friend is insistent that they want to watch Titanic because they haven't seen it yet. Our cable TV provider then shows current movies (I just realized what they're doing is not legal), and we can request for any movie.

My friend is a big fan of pocketbooks, we often visits the rental shops. I also buy song hits (or song magazines), and when they borrow it, it won't go back to me. Lol!

How about the slam book (or slam notes) where there are questions which can be personal, and you will give a dedication to the owner? That's very common here in the Philippines, and for sure some of them reading this at my age will smile as they remember their high school days.

When it's time for intramurals, we watch the basketball games, and cheer for our classmates playing in a team. Those days are all about fun. And that's been about 20 years ago.

Days before graduation is kinda sad, so we went to the house of our classmates to bond. We also did after the graduation, and watched a movie.

Things changed, and we are already old. Here we are reminiscing of the good old days. It makes me smile, and at least I had those great memories.

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