Medicine Card (Freewrite Challenge)

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It's mid-day, and he haven't got the vaccine yet. He's at number 200, and the numbering haven't started yet. Senior citizens are prioritized. But what he can't understand is the vaccination started late. Everyone seems complaining.

It came to be known that the numbering started at #71. So where did the 70 doses go? He talked to some individuals there then he found out that the other 70 vaccines was injected to individuals secretly in a room. Those individuals might have paid to get the vaccine.

The site is in disorder when people are already shouting in anger to those handling the vaccination. One man is very mad with his prescription and medicine card thrown it because of the poor handling of vaccination.

He waited until he gets to his number. However, he eventually didn't get the vaccine he waited for 10 hours while starving, and having headache just to get vaccinated.

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