International (Freewrite Challenge)

Source: Pixabay

Her audition was perfect. The record label bosses are stunned at her performance. She wanted to be the kind of artists based on her own craft and style but the bosses wanted her to record the songs written by their hired songwriters and producers right after the audition.

As she heard their plans, she expressed her desire to be the kind of artists she wanted to be. She wanted to write her own songs. There's skepticisms from the bosses after hearing her plans. Their plans of making her an international superstar may not happen if they allowed her to do on her own.

Along with her mom, who's a lawyer, she decided not to sign the contract after reading its contents. It will be good for her in the long run. So many artists ended up sabotaged by their labels, and unable to record a new album after being hindered. She stopped dreaming of becoming an international singer, and opted to become an independent artist.

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