Hectic (Freewrite Challenge)

Source: Pixabay

It takes weeks, or months. Preparation for the day that you have been anticipating. The stress and pressures to make the occasion a success. Physically and mentally, exhausted to get things done. All you wanted is to make it special, and to please others.

When that day came, it's like a flash of lightning. So quick that the day just passed. Things didn't happen as it was hoped. Some plans that are pictured in your head isn't how it appeared. The efforts made gone to waste. But such occasions aren't always perfect. Just focus on the new life you have.

The feeling after the occasion, you may be tired. Almost can't believe it's over. The hectic days are done. But you want to look at the good things that day. Never mind what made you feel sad. Discrimination, criticisms, talks behind your back. They have a life, and you have a life too.

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