Hacked (Freewrite Challenge)

Source: Pixabay

Hackers and phishers are everywhere. I remember when my PayPal account was almost compromised then. I almost clicked on a link on my email, and I'm glad that my brother told me immediately not to click on it. So don't just click any link on your emails, particularly those from unknown sources. Especially when checking up on your spam mails, don't click links.

Even in blockchains like here and the likes, there are many comments spamming on your comment section, don't click on the link. Those are spammers and scammers. They're likely to gain access on your accounts. Also, those accounts spamming might not be the real owners. Some of them are already victimized, and their accounts are hacked.

It is also important to check on some URL links. In social media websites like Facebook, hacking is very common. So don't click on any links. It's good to be aware whatever is shared on social media.

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