Ghosted (Freewrite Challenge)

Source: Pixabay

Betty had issues with Gary working with Patrice, but she has forgiven him. Gary was given a project to work with Jillian, and it will be done in Japan. The two got along well since they don't have anyone around except for a small team.

Betty has noticed Gary has been cold at her when he went home from Japan. Suddenly, he found out from a common friend that Gary was seen dating with Jillian. She also found out from one of the team Gary and Jillian has worked with in Japan that the two seemed to get romantically involved.

Betty decided not to freak out, and she's ready to forgive Gary if what she heard was true. To be fair with Gary, she wants to hear his explanation. However, she's not getting any reply from Gary, and he's not answering his call.

Finally, she confirmed from another friend about Gary and Jillian's relationship. She cried and home feeling her boyfriend has ghosted her. No phone calls, no even messages coming from him.

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