Forgiven (Freewrite Challenge)

Source: Pixabay

Gary was given a project with another woman. He tried to date with her despite in a relationship with Betty. The woman declined his advances knowing his behavior towards women. Betty has heard about what Gary did but she forgave him.

Gary met Patrice, and they worked on a project too. Patrice is currently in a relationship with Marty, a race car driver. Because Gary has been good at catching a woman's heart, Patrice fell in love with him. They never been officially in a relationship because Patrice decided to cut their ties, and she loves Marty badly.

Betty was disappointed with Gary but she has forgiven him again thinking she can still save their relationship. In an event, Kelly, Maggie, and Sharon met and they sat on the same table. The three of them talked about how Gary turned out to be how he is now.

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