Dog Dancing (Freewrite Challenge)

Source: Pixabay

Grey skies.
The clouds seem to
pour water down.
No lightning.
No thunder.
Might be a great moment
to enjoy the chill weather.
The breeze that cools
the atmosphere.
While others
go to sleep.

Sitting by the window.
Looking at the outside view.
Hear the sound of the rain
falling on the roof.
Whilst some people outside
enjoying and playing
under the rain.
See the dog dancing
having fun in the rain.

I had once hoped
that I can play in the rain.
We're not allowed.
Someone said
it's a sad life.
Unable to enjoy
what they enjoyed
during their younger years.

Been under the rain.
Not to enjoy.
Got no umbrella
but I have to go home.
It made me sick
Rains nowadays
are feared of floods.
Even an overnight rain
has submerged places.

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