Combat (Freewrite Challenge)

Source: Pixabay

She's a total package so it's no wonder when she receives offers to join a modeling agency or even beauty pageants. Because of the popularity of pageants, she called the person who is willing to manage her once she decided to join a prestigious beauty contest in the country. If she won, she will represent the country in the prestigious international beauty pageant.

She auditioned, and was admitted to compete in the national pageant. While in the office of the pageant organization she overheard the management talking about their choice to win and represent the country.

From her fellow contestants, she heard about proposals from rich and powerful people. The organizers are even supportive because of sponsorships instead of helping to combat the wrong treatment towards women, and protecting them. She left the pageant at the last minute, and the organizers let her go because she has evidence about the exploitative nature of such pageants.

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