Celery (Freewrite Challenge)

Source: Pixabay

I know how to cook different kinds of foods, though I am not so good at distinguishing what ingredients is added that creates a distinct taste in dishes. But it seems I'm beginning to learn what was added to the food that it tastes so delicious.

There are some natural spices that we can use for better taste and aroma of the foods we used to cook. Yes, we got to consume artificial seasoning that's not good for our health. It might not be as easy to find those natural spices, but if you look out at the supermarket, there's a section for those.

Bay leaf gives a great aroma, and it improves the taste of my adobo, and letchon paksiw. I also used celery for pancit guisado, and chicken noodle soup. The aroma makes it more enticing to eat. Even bell peppers, black peppers, and other natural spices can contribute to the deliciousness of your food.

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