Burn out (Freewrite Challenge)

Source: Pixabay

There are times that we get burned out from our activities and work, and wanted to get a breather, and take some rest. At times I do feel it even working online that I wanted to go away from looking at my phone. A day off from our gadgets can be enough as I gain some strength without working that day.

We also do get burned out from what we experience. Especially these days when COVID-19 is still here, and the worries are getting tiring that you want to get of it. Even being stuck at home, there's the wanting of going out but the worries regarding the virus is still there.

We do experience burn out in different aspects, and it's up to us how are going to face it. Exhaustion is often there but do find a way to get some peace of mind. Nature is a great way to get some serenity, and do eat some healthy foods.

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