Black Coffee (Freewrite Challenge)

Source: Pixabay

It's a rainy morning, while preparing her breakfast, she turned on the coffee maker and made a black coffee to warm herself up. While waiting until the food get cooked, she turned on the radio, and a new song was played.

Unaware of the song, but it sounds like the vocals are from her favorite girl group. She's actually a big fan three years prior, and just not updated after a year of inactivity of the group. Because the new song isn't how they sounded like their first album, she's skeptical about the artist until she remembered the song she played earlier which is "Pure Shores".

The new song she just heard, and is on "first listen" at the radio station, was entitled "Black Coffee", just in time when she's sipping a cup of black coffee. She was very happy learning from the DJ that the song is really from All Saints. That day was October 2, 2000, the date of the song's release. All she has at that time is anticipate for the new album's release.

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