Artisan (Freewrite Challenge)

Source: Pixabay

He makes the best handcrafted furnitures in their place, an artisan. His designs is often displayed at the front of his house, which attracted some passersby leading to increase in sales of his furnitures.

Then came a man, a businessman, who saw the beautiful furnitures while driving. He ordered a living room set of furniture, while he also offered the man to work in his company. He declined because he didn't finish his education, and he's not aware of the situation in the workplace.

The businessman then asked to show him his designs. Unaware of the man's intentions, he has shown his book with his designs. Without his knowledge, the man took pictures of the designs.

The businessman is an owner of a popular furniture company. He released new sets of furnitures with the designs of the man who owns a small furniture business. When someone passed by in his home, he was accused of copying the designs of the popular furniture company. Unaware about the accusations, he remembered the businessman who offered him a job in his company.

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