What are the top things on your bucket list

Does any of us want to die? Of course not, we sincerely wish we were immortals. We wish we didn't have to die. It's out of our league and we cannot control when we should die.

The things I have to do before I die

It's in the hands of the Almighty. The only thing we are close to controlling ( not all though) is the things we want to do before we eventually say goodbye to the world.

You have yours. I have mine too. And I'll be taking you through the journey of my bucket list. (the top list)

I want to change the world

Ha.... everybody's dream right? Most definitely. Each one of us has the desire to change the world.

All of us desire to change the world

Do we have what it takes to change the world though? I think so. It's just that we need to change ourselves first by changing our mindset towards everything then we can start considering changing the world.

I want to travel the world.

It's in my heart of heart to see the world. I want to touch, if not all, but a large part of the world.

Let's travel the world

I know I will gain experience and learn about other people and what makes them tick. It's a wonderful and ideal dream. I am sure if I make the right plans I'll be able to pull this one off

I want to start a family

Not yet. I still have to finish school (it's important) but once I am fully established, I will start my family. I cannot wait to have those little creatures flying around my house and giving a piece of the headache all mothers received...lol.

I want to start a family

I want to pass everything I have learned to them in the form of advice, in my actions, and our cognitive beliefs

I am doing all I can to make sure they have good lives, and that they will be born into an environment that helps them reach their true potential.

oh, I am talking more about my children, what about the human who will help me gain them in the first place? Yes, my husband. He is included in all of my plans.

I hope that together (my future husband and I) we will raise an enviable family. I simply can't wait. 😊

I want to invent something

This always seems impossible every time I think about it. However, last weekend someone had told me, I must invent something because I have a wide knowledge of a lot of things.

I want to invent something

So I have to find a way to merge all of the things I have found, discovered, and understood into tangible things so other humans can use and gain meaningful experiences.

I have always wanted it even before he mentioned it. He made me establish this thought more. I don't know what it takes to invent something, but, if I find someone willing to put me through, I will give it all my best.

Establish as many companies as possible.

We just move from invention to company. I have no idea if that's the same thing. All I know is that I want to put my money in a lot of industries. And build them from the ground up.

When I say a lot of industry, I mean, a lot. And I am not exaggerating. I figured I love so many things but I can't be all of them. My money can.

Let's build as many companies as possible, together

All I have to do is find people who are well-grounded in these areas and work with them. A business author had said we should try as much as we can to work with those who are smarter than us. It encourages productivity.

So, I may not necessarily have to be well-grounded in most of those roles I want each of my companies to play, there are lots of folks who are and are waiting for the opportunity to unleash their talents and capabilities. I will be handing them those opportunities and together we will change the world.

I just need to have a little knowledge of the various areas. And with my business Innovation skills combines with that of the people who will be in my team, we will blow bubbles and probably fight crimes. (Kid Danger... lol)

Learn to program

Initially, I wanted to learn to hack, don't blame me, I have seen a lot of movies that ladies do wonders with the computer, by just typing away and bridging securities.

Well, I did not learn to hack, my teacher talked me into learning the ethical form of programming, and I am loving where this is leading.

I am itching to learn to hack

This doesn't mean I have forgotten about learning to hack.... lol. It's hidden at the back of my mind. Maybe, I will pursue it, maybe, I won't. It depends. Let's wait on life and see where it goes.

I have a lot of things I want to do before I die. These are just top of the list. Do you have things on your bucket list too? Do well to share with me in the comment box. Thank you for reading.

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