I am a wanderer...... I move just as the wind.... Meet Iska

My name is Blessing, but, I'll be using the name, @iskafan on hive. I have gone through the settings and found that I can shorten my username to @iska which I love very much because it's the name I wanted to sign up with.

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I had to add the fan because while registering, the code script, told me, the name isn't available. Finding out that I can shorten it, regardless brought me joy.

I am choosing the name iska because it reminds me of the girl who sounded like a wanderer when I read the book, Iska, written by an African Writer, called Cyprian Ekwensi. I have a wanderer spirit, and my biggest dream is to see the world.

I am hoping that I'll be able to touch all spheres (maybe not all) of the earth, finding, and learning about other people's lives, religion, beliefs, culture, and share in the joy.

I didn't have any difficulty signing up for my account, however, I couldn't log in to my account using the hivesigner. I followed all processes, but I kept getting an error message regarding the keys that I used.

I had to resort to sign in using the peak lock, and I was able to breeze through smoothly. I am happy that I have been to reach this point where I am writing my introduction post.

I went through the community links and found lots of communities that I hope will be able to navigate and find friends. I happen to click on someone's profile while I was subscribing to the Gems community, and found that I will be needing resource credit to do anything I want here

So I followed the instructions I found on that person's profile, and went to the giftgiver, and received a 16 unit of HP. I am sure it won't be enough, but, I'll try to use it judiciously until I can earn mine through my posts

I am a beautiful lady with a lot of things to offer, and a space in my heart to learn. I am dark in complexion, I have a very beautiful face, and everyone tells me I am beautiful.

I am quite secretive, but, I want to talk to someone more, and I am going to use my hive account to tell stories about my life, my experiences, and the obstacles I am facing as regards a girl's world.

I promise I won't bore you, I have interesting life history, some may be sad, I have more happy memories than sad ones, so you will be pleased to be on my blog every day.


Right now, my educational qualifications are quite complicated. I will lead you into the full story in subsequent posts

For today, know that I am applying for Electrical Engineering at the University of Technology, Owerri, here in Nigeria.


I am an avid lover of computers and gadgets, and I have a strength in Numbers and Mathematics. I want to have a degree in Electrical Engineering while studying python programming language by the side so that once I am done, I'll move fully into Artificial intelligence and Robotics.

Artificial intelligence, my dream field

Next year, by the grace of the Almighty, I'll begin this journey.

You see part of the reason I'll be taking my hive account seriously is that my educational fundings will be gotten from here. This includes fundings for my Artificial intelligence dreams.

I want a situation where I will be able to pay my tuition fee, and still have some percentages left as a stake in the platform.

Favorite Food


I do not like soups, my favorite food is beans and ripe plantain. I can eat spoon food 365 days without getting tired. I find it difficult to eat soups except someone is joining me, and that person will be eating a greater portion of the dish.


I love reading with every fiber in me. I can stay all day just digesting a piece of material, trying to get into the author's head, and decipher his intent.

I love reading

I have read lots of books, ranging from 48 Laws of Power, Mastery, The Law of Human Nature, The Art of Seduction, The Art of Manipulation, The Adventure Capitalist, Secrets of a Nun, The Richest Man in Babylon, The Greatest Salesman, Memories of Moonlight, Master of the Game, Fab Five, The Godfather, Business Gurus, Eat that Frog, Rich Dad Poor Dad, Cashflow Quadrant, Why we want you to be Rich, The Millionaire Nextdoor, Your Money or Your Life, The 50th Law, to mention but a few.

I love strolling, but, I barely do it because I am mostly busy with my phone all-day

I love solitude too, I had to create space for others when I discovered, isolation is not good


I can sing. I guess apart from writing, that's the greatest talent that I have.

My voice, my pride

I am hoping one day I'll be able to dive into it and create a legendary through my voice.


I have one. Her name is..... sorry, secret. 🥺


None for now. I am waiting to find myself first, and learn to love me, so I will be able to love him better.

I am waiting for my lover

This is because I have come to understand that you can't love someone else more than you love yourself. You cannot give what you do not have.

Parents and Siblings

I have the best mom and dad in the world, and I am happy I met them alive and well.

My family is the best thing that has happened to me

My siblings are amazing too, and I wouldn't know what I would do without them.

There are four of us, two girls, two boys. I am the first and I am a girl. 😊

Wildest Dreams

I want to be financially stable and secure that way, I will have enough time in my hands to seduce my future husband and my children. Lol(weird, right?)

Financial Stability gives room for other growth

Enough time in the sense that at some point, I won't have to worry about money, but, pay more attention to my family.

Deepest Secret

No more a secret.....I am a nymphomaniac. I like sex, but prefer it rough.

I am not sexually active after my last breakup because I do not want to have sexual disappointment if I am not satisfied with what I get(Gosh, this is awkward)

So, I'll wait......

There is so much more to me than this, I'll leave you to follow me so you can have access to more.

I am optimistic that I will enjoy hive, and that I will learn a lot. I am praying I won't be found wandering around too much (iska). I hope I will find a home here, and I will have every reason to stay

Thank you so much for having me, and for all the support I'll be receiving from everyone.


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