Welcoming Chanel to my Life

My New Car

I never thought I would be where I am today to be able to make this post and talk about such a cool time in my life.


The story

Over the last couple months, I've been looking into buying a new car as my Jeep was battered and scraped, not sure how much longer it was going to run for me. Over that time, I didn't find anything that was really in my price range or that appealing.

In some sort of stroke of luck, I heard my mom and her friend talking about seeing a car on the road for sale with an extremely low price and mileage. In that minute, I ran out the door to go drive and check it out, I immediately fell in love with the Challenger. It had no scrapes or rust at all! (living in the rust belt) I was lucky to have saved all my pictures from the adventure so you can experience it as I did.

I came another day, as the guy wasn't there, turns out this was from a car repair place and is only next to the road for the publicity. I was worried when I first found this out but it was just the shop owners friend's car. I talked with the guy, scheduled a test drive and did just that. Man this thing was night and day compared to my jeep, the car drove straight as a nail, and the steering was tight.

At this point I was practically pulling money out of my pockets to get this thing under my name, but my better judgement held off and had me skeptic. A 2014 Challenger, with no rust, low miles, and somewhere around 10K under market value.. too good to be true.

This is Where Things Get Really Lucky

As one should in a situation like this, I asked the guy about the background of this car and got some more information, then headed back home to back up a minute to really think things through. I could NOT stop thinking about this car, it was stuck in my dreams like that one high school crush that you have no chance with.

While at home, I contacted one of my good family friends that is a master mechanic, as well as a really good electrician, I had him check it out when he got out of work to check stuff that I wouldn't have noticed. He checked it out and called me, everything checked out and cleared my thoughts on pursuing this. However, my buddy had told me that the dealer was on his way back to the car to meet a guy from 4+ hours away to check it out... That far away, your coming with the money to buy, or not buying at all.

Dangit! My cautiousness is going to lose me a deal of a lifetime!

In Kryptics fashion, I hopped in my car and hauled metric-butt to the shop to put some money down in hopes I beat the guy to it and secure my hold on the car. I get to the shop and the dealers truck isn't there, but I talked to a employee and he told me he was heading there right now. So I waited and immediately told him I want to put money down.

Here's the crazy part, when he explained the situation, he told me that the guy coming from 4+ hours away was on the phone with him... and the call dropped. The absolute luck in my favor was INSANE! Now I thought about it as well, this could be a ploy to make me rush and buy it, but my buddy had already told him how much I wanted it, so having someone come to see it wouldn't really do too much.

From here on, it was just some minor loan information and Secretary of State dealings so I will skip that. I am extremely grateful for everyone and everything that helped me secure this, never in my life did I think I would own a muscle car like this at the age of 19 (at the time, I'm 20 now.. what a birthday gift huh?)

Okay.. a lot of text to read, sorry I didn't have pictures that would line up to the story. So here's some pics I've taken while owning "Chanel the Challenger"... yes I am one of those people, I name my car so I can treat it better and hopefully it will last longer. I have oh soo many plans for this car..

Some are Edited, Some Are Not.. Haven't Had Much Time Recently


In pursuit of getting girls to look at my cool car, all I get is older men staring at me.. the irony 😂

Thank you for reading!
Until next time...


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