Achievement one My Introduction himself 13/5/2021@iftikharhussain

My introduction


  • Everyone first of all I appreciate the successful lunch of Hive Blog.
  • I would like to congratulation you for giving me this chance to participate of this community
  • And it will be honor for me to introduce myself on this platform
  • My name is Iftikhar Hussain and I am 40 years old My father name is Hafiz Ghulam Muhammad
  • MY city name is Abdul Hakim 'the small town of District Khanewal Pakistan.


we are six family members and my number in my family members is five I am by profession is a business man I run a super store in a main bazar
Here are sum picture of my super store The name of my store is Hamza super store Abdul Hakim



My hobby is kitchen garden
so when ever I am free I always spent my time in gardening So I have kitchen garden also where I grow new frees clean water vegetables So many verity of vegetables like tomatoes ' cucumber ' pumpkins bitter gourd and brinjals in my small kitchen garden


some time when I am free I also like cooking My sweet wife also like my cooking
I COOK BIRYANI so mane varieties Biryani is popular throughout the Pakistan and India


I am also like driving car Its give me sum relief when I feel some tins in my life then I decide to a long drive
I think we must fallow traffic rules to safe life yours and other one miner mistake in driving become a dangerous accident movement

My weakness beautiful flowers and natural beauty

I love being with my family and to inspire others with my achievements
MY life motto is work and enjoy your life
THANKS FRIENDS for your time reading