Journalling my past 14 days || Taking care of Covid19 +ve husband and my youngest son

"A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles."~Christopher Reeve

My husband just complimented me that he was in awe of my resilience. I had never given a thought of that about myself until he mentioned. Looking back the past 14 days, well, I guess it is my inborn nature, when family members are not well, I stand up even stronger, all gear up to take care of them. Also, I consistently prayed for supernatural strength from God.


My husband's view of me when he was being quarantined away from us due to Covid19

Hello Hive Family

I felt like I was away from blogging for very long time but actually it was only 4-5 days away from blogging. I still checked in daily for curation purpose, after that I had no more brain energy left for blogging.

Past two weeks wasn't a good week in a sense husband was tested positive on covid19 on 10th July. Since then, he shifted to another place for quarantine, and everyday I diligently delivered food to him. Thank God he was well after 7 days and was home on 16th July.

Just when I thought I could slow down abit to breathe, then, Jansen, my youngest son who is a CDH survivor was not having some complications on 15th July night time till 20th July, and he was on 45-hourly tube-feeding which could be exhausting. However, he was in so much pain, and for a little kiddo to suffer pain like this, I could forego my own comfort and rest to take care of him, comfort him and lavish him with alot of love and strength.

Now that I am able to blog just means Jansen is well, gradually back to eating orally and my heart is more relieved now to do beesy-busy buzzing bee work at Hive. Yayyyy! If yoy are interested, you may check out my previous post on me changing Jansen's feeding stomach button.


I no longer active at other social media but I would love to document what I had done for my husband when he wasn't well. It had been awhile I cooked almost daily but I did it, to cook almost daily especially soup for strengthening lungs and immune system for him while he recovered from Covid19.

Tiger Milk Mushroom Chinese Herbal Soup⤵️


One of the popular soups to drink to strengthen lungs is called Tiger Milk Mushroom Soup. This one was pre-packed by Chinese Drug Store. The main ingredient is the Tiger Milk Mushroom, a type of mushroom/fungus which is traditionally used for curing sickness like coughing, asthma and bronchitis. It is able to strengthen the lungs.


From 12 o'clock clockwise below photo, the ingredients are Solomon's seal, tiger milk mushroom, dried lily bulbs, dried figs, Chinese yam, honey candied dates and red dates.


Chinese herbal soup is not difficult to cook, you just need meat or bones and all the ingredients into a pot and put to slow boil for 3 hours to get a good bone broth as well as all the medicinal value of the plant's stems, roots, flowers, leaves or seeds.

This Tiger Milk Mushrooms soup tasted very good, natural sweetness from all the ingredients as well as flavours from the pork neck bones and soup bones I used. I also added a teaspoon of Black Himalayan salt for extra minerals he needed for recovery.






I decided to add some goji berries as it has healthy antioxidants which can help boost immunity in case there was any inflammation in my husband's body.



Everyday, I cooked few dishes of protein and vegetables and packed nicely in a container. Also a soup container to pack the healthy soup. These were few of the meals that I managed to take photo. Some days, I was totally too packed in my brain till no photo was taken. I also needed to take care of home — home chores and kids. I realised I needed to jot down in a piece of paper "things to do" to cut down feeling overwhelming. It did help alot by jotting down.




Husband mainly 'survived' on nutritional food, as well as a dose of Vitamin C and multivitamin daily. I bought for him throat lozenges in case he needed them, paracetamol, cetirizine for runny nose and another medicine to clear phlegm in case he needed. In the end, he didn't need to take so much medication except Vitamin C, multivitamin and paracetamol.



Boost Immunity Soup⤵️

Another soup I cooked for him quite often was this, to boost immunity. I added apple too as I read up it helped to strengthen lungs as well.

It consisted of dangshen, American ginseng, Solomon's seal, figs, red dates, goji berries, dried longan and Chinese yam




Similar way of cooking using pork bones and all ingredients boiled together for 3 hours.



Another soup which I didn't take photo was using cordyseps and Chinese almonds and all other natural herbs like Solomon's seal, red dates and goji berries. This one was a bit bitter because I wrong bought the Chinese almond as there are bitter type and sweet type. Bitter type are not recommended to be taken often so just one time is enough for that span of illness.

Sweet cough/lungs drink ⤵️

Another very simple drink to make daily is this sweet drink to relieve cough. Only three ingredients were needed which were carrot, red dates and ginger.




Thank God for friend who also delivered some healthy drinks for my husband which he gave me one packet each. Nice soothing drink indeed.



I gave thanks to God for supernatural strength for me to sustain my past 14 days, taking care of husband, followed by tube-feeding Jansen hourly. I also relied on two to three cups of coffee per day depending on what was the last tubefeed, usually at 12am or 2am. I am glad I could keep the home peaceful, the boys happy, hsuband healthy, house clean. My husband called this as resilience. I see this as "you never know how strong you are until being strong is the choice you have." I am thankful I can be strong for them, my form of acts of service for my loved ones.


I did did did not have a lot of photos on tube-feeding Jansen because I want to honor his request of not showing it to public. As for this photo, he felt better after some crying in pain, after tubefeed and he said this was worthy of a photo because he suddenly felt better.

All is well now, thank God. ❤️

img_0.3064244915296772Hello there, I am the lady behind this little space of my blog in this awesome vast Hive blockchain. Often, when I blog, read, curate and get to know new people, I feel that I am no longer stucked inside the four-wall of my apartment, but rather, I am travelling all across the world, just like a little heaven-on-earth experience. Hope you enjoy reading this snippet of my life as I enjoy exploring yours. Thank you for swinging by.


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