Happiest 8th Birthday to Lil' Champion // with Cheesecake Duo

Jansen celebrated his 8th birthday yesterday🥳.


We are so thankful for what God has done in His life. And always in awe of every achievement he has. What seemed so heart-wrenching to us 8 years ago had us the chance to witness the hand of God in his life, to experience the grace and strength of God upon us as we cared for this fragile life, to receive enormous love and support from people around us; friends, families and even strangers. We are very thankful and grateful.❤️❤️❤️

And then we see him grows and blossoms into who he is today. We are excited for his future and therefore, we aim to celebrate him every year.

Celebration and Party Time at church!

He had great time at church with families and friends, cutting his favourite New York cheese cake with his favourite Spiderman's cake toppers and receiving his favourite presents from lovely people.






With me and his eldest brother


With his Grandmother




Group Photo with other families and thier children


It was a great time getting together and had simple celebration with the family church, where always support, love and understanding is given. Love love love these bunch of people.

We get together to eat the cake and snacks, chit-chatting about life and parenting, almost everything under the sun. And the little children were fascinated by the Spiderman cake toppers. Another two children also in love with Spiderman so Jansen gave each of them one of the cake toppers. I love his generosity! =)



Another simple one at home!

Upon reaching home, he couldn't wait to take photos with all his presents and that called for another mini celebration with another cake, also cheese cake but 'cempedak' cheese cake. Cempedak is a fruit related to jackfruit, and to our surprise, when paired with cheese, super delicious. Yums!




He knew his aunt @happycrazycon bought for his Kermit tshirt and straight away wanted to wear for photos. Kermit the green frog from The Muppets is his new favorite nowadays.


Then, a photo with all his presents.

Finally a photo of four of us. Earlier at church, his daddy was preaching.


We all loved the 'cempedak' cheese cake very much. I am not a fan of cempedak but once I took a bite of this cake, super yummy goodness.


Then, he enjoyed sticking all his Kermit stickers on the door. Lol..


We couldn't believe that 8 years ago, we faced the scariest battle in life, and he himself battled this CDH monster. BUT, then we witnessed the hand of God in his life, he beat the odds, he triumphed and we have been witnessing a miracle walking in our midst. Truly thank God for all His goodness and deeply appreciate all the support and prayers given by many of our families, relatives and friends. We look forward to celebrating more goodness and victories in Jansen's life. ❤️

8 years and counting... 1️⃣2️⃣3️⃣4️⃣5️⃣6️⃣7️⃣8️⃣Counting all the blessings. Counting all the miracles.

Thank you for reading. Stay bubbly. Stay hopeful.


❤️Love from me❤️

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