My New Account ~ Life After Hacks 🤔


Welcome to my new account here on @Hive
Unfortunately, my old account wallet was hacked a few times this year so I had no choice but to start over again from scratch.


Please be aware of this account @Gregoryyoo24 as they have taken a lot of my Hive on 2 seperate occasions.
I have no idea how they got into my account other than me logging in to somewhere that is cloning our Hive Apps.

I'd like to send a massive shout out to @Raymondspeaks and the @brofund for his amazing support this year, because times are hard financially since the pandemic hit, and I now find myself as the only income supplier at home.
I've managed to buy back some Bro that I sold and will endeavour to stay on track and away from the increasing amount of MEME SHIT COINS that are flooding the market.
So many rug pulls have ruined me through sheer desperation of trying to earn an income.
I'll be concentrating more on Hive, Bro, @leofinance and @cubdefi from now on.


To end on a positive, I have A BRAND NEW ALBUM out which is exclusively available on my BANDCAMP Page HERE


Thanks for your ongoing support and I'll wish you all a happy and safe weekend.
DC 🙏

Derbyshire based Musician and Songwriter Darren Claxton, defies being pigeonholed, and celebrates the fact that each song tells a story and in a style all of its own. On his various music pages, you'll find songs of universal resonance that are accessible, yet never overly polished for the commercial market.
Darren was born of a need to write and perform original music across multiple genres. Catch any of his live performances and you'll find him moving seamlessly from folk, to indie, to blues, to heart-warming and immersive acoustic ballads. Yet it all manages to sound effortless and natural -- "strangely familiar" as one fan once called it.
Darren strives for his compositions to have memorable hooks and melodies that stand on their own, creating a strong musical foundation for his compelling heart felt lyrics. Darren says it’s all about the song and the emotion conveyed through the stories he tells. His music provides a “just right” touch of colour to support the emotional core of each song.

To keep up with the latest news, follow his Linktree here.


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