Notes about my baby

Greetings everyone! How are you, friends?

We are doing well. Matteo is starting to get used to it and realize that he is living at home. He likes to walk outside. He enjoys putting on his jacket and hat and putting on his shoes.
He is already walking more confidently outside. He likes birds and dogs very much. He can look at them for a long time.

We went to register our place of residence. He likes to look at people. He smiles. We get a lot of compliments: what a good child. He behaves decently and modestly everywhere. He is not capricious, on the contrary, he looks at everything with great curiosity.

At home, he helps me load the washing machine, brings me things, and puts them in the machine. He understands bread crumbs from the floor and throws them in the bin.
Enjoys doing the cleaning. This I think many other babies do.

Really loves a cupcake, sometimes he can sneak it off the table and eat it. I don't scold him, on the contrary, let him eat as much as possible. During his illness, he lost weight and was very thin.

He always falls asleep at the same time. He drinks his epilepsy drops in his sleep and only opens his mouth with his eyes closed. I found out that these drops make him sleepy, which is why he sleeps very deeply at night.

In the morning he eats oatmeal with small pieces of pear. Then he drinks tea with a muffin.
We work with him: I show him the letters and he repeats their names. He is very inquisitive. In the picture, he always says, Mummy. But so far he doesn't call it Mama. But he already understands that I am a special person for him.

He used to go to all people's arms, but now he stops, looks at me, and only then can go to my girlfriends' arms.
I am becoming more and more convinced that I made the right choice. He is growing up very kind and affectionate. He has no tantrums or moods and laughs a lot.


I will show you a picture now.
It's already chilly here, so he's sitting in a warm jumper.
I am writing these notes in the afternoon while Matteo sleeps. Later we'll have lunch. Today I made his vegetable soup and cutlets. Tea with raspberries and a muffin. He'll be very happy, he likes this kind of lunch.

Have a good day, everyone, and love the children!

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