🚨 Explosive Hive Community Twitter Hustle! It Pays you to Tweet about Hive! 👀

What's up Hiveians on #Twitter!

I am really excited that almost every one of my friends on Hive is also "ready" to promote our beloved community on #Twitter. I have now a better vision in the future more than ever before, Hive's amazing Layer 0 was really its full potential. Although technology and transparent verifiable code are good nevertheless what gives its importance is the belief system that people make use of it.

#Bitcoin is useless if Satoshi all keeps the Bitcoin for himself, hiding all inside on his own wallet. On Hive we distribute it daily using the proof-of-brain because we love decentralization!


Isn't Twitter is centralized?!? how the "f" you give it attention?

Yes, it is no doubt a centralized social media that we don't know if our accounts will be banned tomorrow. Unlike Hive, Twitter is close source and mines your data to sell to an advertisement. We have no control over it because we are no owners of the company.

Why Twitter plays an important role for us?

Twitter is one of the great platforms to talk about how brilliant we can offer here. Crypto OG's, celebrity, news agency, mainstream media and many more do have their own official account on Twitter that we can interact to like asking a question. We can't take for granted what Twitter can offer as Vitalik said;

Screen Shot 20200715 at 08.37.22.png

This is the summary of the combined effort we have done to promote the hashtag #Hive on Twitter, from July 7 to July 15.

Screen Shot 20200715 at 06.43.21.png

It pays to post your Hive blog on Twitter!

Twitter does not have similar to what we have here that earns you for posting, commenting, and voting. I found it beneficial for us as it engages more attraction on our blockchain.

Personally, I also upvote people who share their hive blog link on Twitter using hashtag #POSH whenever I have spare voting power to reward our supportive Hive family.

I have my last words for you...

If still aren't using Twitter to promote Hive, well, I don't know what are you doing guys :-)

What are your thoughts? Pls, comment down below...😆

Also, I really do love Ramen!

Please upvote, share, and follow me. Thank you....😊

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