Life is like sailing, even with a headwind you can move forward


The struggle is real

Do you recognize this? You have a head full of ideas, you want to develop all those ideas into a blog. You know for sure that all those ideas can become good blogs, you feel enough energy, you think positively, you like it all… and yet… still no blog comes out!

You stare at your screen, struggle with your words, get distracted at the slightest sound, browse from site to site, read other people's blogs but don't take in what's written, and finally, you click all the tabs discouraged close your pc, start playing a game and shut down the pc. Another day of shit and nothing sensible, nothing productive has come out of your hands.

It's a situation I'm kind of stuck in at the moment. It's not that I don't have any ideas, it's not that I don't have anything to say. I only have to look at the piece of paper in front of me to see that I have already written 10 ideas on it. I only have to look at the painting that is on the kitchen table on my easel waiting for me to finish it, I only have to open Krita to find at least 3 digital paintings that I started, and those are half-finished.

I can blog about all these things too… but the words just won't come to my mind. As a result, I stare aimlessly at my screen. I get up one more time to make tea, I cuddle the dogs one more time, take them for an extra round. Of course, they don't think that's a drama, so that's a big plus. My 'nasty moods' in which no sensible word comes out are a blessing for them. Now I may have an excuse to feel a bit 'annoyed' because I've been down with the flu this week! Yes, seriously… that still exists. And yes I'm sure it's the flu and not Covid. I got myself tested. The shock was there when I was called last Thursday by the dental practice where I had been that Monday. My dentist had tested positive for Covid, and then it's suddenly not that far away! So when I started to get complaints myself, such as a runny nose and some coughing, muscle pain, sore throat, and headache, I didn't hesitate for a moment. A test and a few uncertain hours later I knew. Test result: Negative! Phew relief, no Covid for me.


No Covid, No Isolation

So I didn't have to be in isolation. And what are you going to do in such a situation, except take it easy and get sick?

For me, it was time to get serious about a new phone! My old Samsung had seen better days. The screen no longer responded well, the battery did not even last a day if I dared to use it a little more intensively. And that more intensive use is what I do with a phone. So the most important thing for me is not calling… LOL. I was looking for, as my friend could put it so beautifully, “A camera that can also make calls”. And to be fair, he was right!

Usually, I don't take my camera with me when I go for a walk with the dogs. But because of that I often miss beautiful pictures. Unfortunately, taking a camera with me isn't all that useful. Imagine, you are walking with a dog of more than 50 kilos, you are quietly trying to take a nice picture with your SLR camera, and the dog in question suddenly starts bouncing like an idiot because he sees another dog coming somewhere in the distance. . Or he decides to suddenly want to jump into the ditch with all the violence… Yes, you can laugh now, but these are situations that I am used to by now. And it's not such a drama when I let a phone in a protective case bounce off a soft forest background, but my SLR hanging around my neck and swinging in all directions when I suddenly get a jerk on the line of a dog… that's not convenient. It gets in the way, and can seriously hurt me or the dog. And I certainly don't want to run the risk that the SLR will break because I didn't pay attention to the dog.

No iPhone, nor the latest Samsung

For that reason, the last iPhone or Samsung was not a good idea for me at all. For the quality of the camera, yes! Sure… but since it's a real possibility that the phone will bounce at some point, I'm not going to shell out that huge outrageous expensive amount for a phone. So the job search for what was the best camera on the budget phones. Because I don't want a device that involves a lot of pre-installed apps, I didn't opt ​​for a device made in China. Nothing against it, and they have good cameras on their devices… but since I don't want to mess around with my phone, better don't. In addition, we also had a really bad experience with my friend's previous smartphone. That was a Chinese device, and it was suffocating from day one with viruses. I don't want to repeat that experience. I'm certainly not unfamiliar with some more technical stuff, but I just don't want to buy a new phone and have to root it right away, etc. So that made the selection quite a bit smaller. In addition, the budget that I wanted to spend as much as possible on the telephone ... that took away a very large part. And in the end, I chose the device from the remaining phones that I felt had a good camera for a reasonable price ... and oh yes, it can also call, text, WhatsApp, use the internet, etc ... everything you can expect from a contemporary smartphone can expect.

Which device did I ultimately choose? A Motorola Edge 20. The price was within my budget. I have been looking at pictures with this device via Instagram and they looked good, so I dared to take the gamble. A device that was released this year, so that you are also in good in terms of Android updates and security updates, and an important point for me, Motorola places an almost clean Android installation on the devices. I think that's a big plus.


Sleep a bit and play a bit

So when that was arranged, it was time to sleep again, hang out with the dogs. Playing outside with the dogs… because even though I am sick, the dogs still need their exercise. I don't have the energy for long walks, so we'll solve it by playing outside more often. A bit of household stuff that has to go on anyway, sleep again, hang out again ... and now I grabbed my laptop to make this blog. I think I'm slowly starting to feel a bit better. I'm starting to feel a bit more human again. I had already noticed that because today I had to test my new Motorola that arrived yesterday in terms of camera. And right now I say, so far so good… I am quite satisfied with what I see.

It's not an SLR quality, but that's okay. That also gives me good motivation to scale up my training of Skipper so that he eventually becomes a nice photo dog just like Rowan, and we can eventually go on photography trips together.


In the meantime, I notice that after typing this post I am running out of energy again, so I go to my bed again, and see you again soon!

Stay safe and healthy!

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