Photography gems-unique variety made of earth,

good night friends wherever you are, may you always be healthy tonight, and I want to share some of my photos tonight,

this is the result of my first photo shoot, which is a photo of a trophy that I made from clay, and I intentionally made a trophy out of clay, so that I can be more enthusiastic in this hive blog, and I write my name and hive's name too, so that it is more unique trophy,

on my occasion tonight, I want to share some unique photos, namely photos that I processed a few days ago, and I will display them in this community so that you can see the work that I made from clay, namely Bangkok, which is unique and unique. aesthetic for decoration for home decoration,
this is how i make it, i take clay, then i print it by hand, roll it with a smooth board, i make this it takes three hours, i just finished making it, from the cup and bowl, to make it more resistant, i have to lift it with fire hard, and I use paint to make it more beautiful,

that's the handiwork that I made, hopefully my friends will like it, and I thank the hive #gems community.

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