Basic Structure Work

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After re-measurement by the surveyor, determining the elevation and building boundary stakes, it is a turn of a heavy equipment to work to level it according to the planned elevation, position of the building being worked on in my video is hilly, so an excavator is needed to cut and fill a subgrade, for leveling we use a bulldozer.

After the foundation excavation work is appropriate, it is a turn of workers to make working floor, the work floor serves as a foundation stand, after the work floor has been cast and an age of the concrete is deemed sufficient, a foundation reinforcement can be immediately placed on the work floor.

Workers then start to make formwork for a tread foundation according to a predetermined size, then a casting process can be done, we use a site mix to speed up the concrete mixing process while maintaining a quality of concrete.

Before casting is carried out, the quality controller is usually lab person who will take concrete samples for testing, there are several types of concrete tests that are required, including the slump test and the cube test to find out whether the type of concrete is in accordance with what was planned by the planner.

The cube concrete samples are taken by QC and then taken to the laboratory, usually the work owner will appoint which lab will be used and is considered reliable.

Actually, there are two types of our foundations, namely reinforced concrete tread foundations and a combination of reinforced concrete tread foundations and reinforced concrete pits, in the video above you can see how workers assemble reinforcement for pits, these two types of foundations are based on soil bearing data that has previously been tested for strength hold the soil to a certain depth by the surveyor.

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